Elysian Fields Farm
Community Supported Agriculture

May 4th, 2005

Week 1

1 pint
1 quart
1/2 lb
1 lb
1 red leaf
1 red, 1 green
1 bunch
1 bunch
Baby bok choi
1 bunch
1 bunch
1 bunch
1 bunch

Recipe of the Week:
Spinach Strawberry Salad
sesame seeds
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
minced garlic to taste
dry mustard to taste
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup olive oil
1 bunch spinach, cleaned & stemmed
1 cup strawberries, sliced or chunked

Toast sesame seeds in dry skillet or hot oven several minutes, tossing often; let cool. Combine sugar, vinegar and garlic, dry mustard, salt and pepper. Whisk in oil in thin stream. Toss in spinach, strawberries and sesame seeds. Four servings.

I will be hosting a CSA member farm work day / tour day on Sunday May 15th from 1pm until 4pm. I know that this is UNC graduation weekend, so if it is a major problem we can push it back a week. Please email me your thoughts. All members are invited (all ages)to either tour the farm, work on the farm or both. I plan to have a good bit of straw bales on deck to be spread as mulch on a 1/4 acre area of asparagus. This is a pretty simple task (big, but simple)and good for kids : ). I will send directions to the farm and a reminder via email in a week or so. Please bring a sunhat and water.

Whatís going on? Hello folks, welcome to the 5th season of Elysian Fieldís Community Supported Agriculture program! For this first newsletter of the season I would like to start out by covering, and thus reminding, folks of the inís and outís of how the program runs. The next few weeks I plan to write more about what has been, what is, and what will be going on at the farm.

This season we have a total of 55 members broken down as 24 full shares and 31 half shares, with 20 flower share members. Flower Share members will receive flowers at random 10-15 weeks out of the 25 week season. The farm will take a one week break from the CSA sometime in late August to early Sept. This week does not count as one of the 25 weeks of deliveries. Members must BREAK DOWN and return their previous weekís boxes to their pick up location each week when they pick up their new boxes. I also encourage members to please return their pint or quart containers with their boxes, and old bags if they are clean. Members must pick up their boxes within the designated time frame for their pick up location. If you do not, you have forfeited your share for the week. If you know that you are going to not be able to pick up you share, or have someone pick it up for you, you can email the farm by Tuesday night and ask for a hold. The farm will not make a box for you for that week, and then double your share for the following week.

Storage Tips and Produce Information
All of your produce has been put into plastic bags in order to maintain maximum freshness. The bags help to hold in moisture and prevent wilting. Please store your produce in your refrigerator in the plastic bags. Some herbs will be given to you with their roots attached. You can put them in a cup of water in the refrigerator (no bag) and they will hold like flowers for a good while. Last year I gave each member the Rolling Prairie Cookbook in order to assist with cooking ideas for the large variety of vegetables delivered. We have 15 new members this year, and I plan on ordering them a copy of that cookbook in the next couple of weeks. You will receive it in your box, sorry for the delay. I hope to purchase a different cookbook for all the members again next season. For this season, please use the weekly recipe posted on your newsletter, or check out the archived recipes at www.elysianfarm.com Your radishes this week are a variety called Pink Beauty, that is why they are so pink and pretty. You will be receiving radishes a couple more times this spring, but not all that often, so please enjoy them while they are here. You can obviously eat them raw in a salad, but they are great for spice and color cooked in a stir fry as well. Baby Bok Choi is a tasty green to add to stir fries or even to eat raw. Please try to eat both the stalks and the leafy part of the plant, the entire thing actually. The stems are very crisp, juicy and tasty. When eaten raw, the bok choi is great on sandwiches or a salad. Flower share members: Your flowers should last at least a week as long as you keep them in fresh clean water in a fresh clean vase. Re-cut the stems every couple of days for longevity. The strawberries are really starting to go crazy. I think you all know what to do with these guys : )

What to look forward to...... Next week you can all look forward to more strawberries, spinach and leaf lettuce. In addition to these items you will also receive kale, turnips, dill and maybe spicy lettuce mix.
Thanks, Elise.

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