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Wednesday June 2nd, 2004
Week 7

What's New This Week!!!

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What's growin' on?

Hello! We received one half inch of rain on Sunday that the crops here at the farm benefited from. That took some pressure off of the irrigation schedule for a couple of days although things are drying quickly once again.

Elizabeth and I have been able to get lot of work done this past week now that we are not spending most of our free time picking strawberries. We finished transplanting the winter squash into our no-till zone. We have been weeding in the newly planted asparagus bed as well as other beds on the farm. On Monday we took up irrigation line and deer fencing around the spring production zones. Once all cleared out I will mow down the areas that have gone by already this spring in preparation for planting a summer cover crop. Lastly, we have also been spending a fair amount of time cleaning and hanging garlic to dry. We harvested the whole crop last Thursday and counted over 2,000 heads!

Produce Info and Storage Tips

The cabbage you received this week and last is a Savoy variety, which refers to the crinkly texture of the leaves. Check out the website for great coleslaw ideas. Carrots and scallions would complement the cabbage well in a slaw. I have grown two varieties of summer squash so far this season. Zephyr is a half yellow half light green straight neck squash. It is a hybrid cross of a straight neck yellow summer squash and a winter Delicata squash. The are mighty tasty. The other variety is a traditional yellow crookneck squash.

The new potatoes are a variety called Reddale. They are sweet and tender at their young stage. However you eat them, try including the skins for their pretty red color and nutrient value. The potatoes will store for a good while in the fridge. You can also leave them at room temperature for some time but keep in mind that dark and warm conditions promote sprouting. The garlic, cabbage, and carrots all store well too. You can keep them all in the fridge for a couple of weeks at a time.

What to look forward to...

Next week you can expect more of the same goodies. Green beans and cucumbers are on their way, although they both had a little setback after their initial planting. They will be here in a few weeks, but not as early as I would have liked. Tomatoes, eggplant and onions will be around in the first of July. Lots of good stuff to look forward to! Thanks! Elise.

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