Week 15







1 lb.


2 lbs.


Cherry Tomatoes

1 pint


1 pint


Japanese Eggplant

1 lb.


2 lbs.


Colored Bell Peppers

½ lb.


1 lb.



1/5 lb.


1/3 lb.


Summer Squash

1 lb.







1 lb.



2 lbs.









Recipe Of The Week

Eggplant Parmesan Wrap



bread crumbs

canola oil

pizza or tomato sauce

provalone cheese

wrap (or sub rolls)

Slice eggplant, whisk eggs. Coat eggplant slices with egg mixture and then coat with bread crumbs. Fry coated slices in canola oil. Drain in paper towel. Place eggplant in a large baking dish, spoon in sauce, cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes. Put cheese slices and eggplant in wrap and enjoy!

WhatÕs Going On?

Hello! Hope you all are well and had a nice week, despite the heat. Things are going well here at the farm. We are trying to do most of the hard outside work in the mornings, and the less strenuous or in the shade work in the afternoons. Oh, and of course, drink as much water as our stomachs can stomach. I just canÕt help but comment on just how much I have enjoyed having these baby pigs (piglets I guess they are called!) around the farm. The mama pig and her piglets are fenced in near the pole shed, where we do all of our washing and packing. As the piglets grow older and want to gain more independence from their mom, they duck under the electric fence and wander over towards us. Sometimes if we act like we donÕt see them they will come up and sniff or try to bite our shoes, or just forget we are there and bump into us or rub up against us. Oh, and of course they always move in a pack. They are like puppies! I am planning on selling this batch of babies to someone else to raise, but am going to have to keep at least one because I have grown so fond of them.

Sorry for the digression, back to the veggies! So the first planting of tomatoes took all the rain pretty hard and has finally fully died back from the early blight. Of course we are prepared for this inevitable outcome....somewhat. The second planting is coming on, but not as heavily as the first. So, we have tomatoes, but not as many. We will have them throughout the summer though as the third planting also is growing and preparing itself for you. The only think I am worried about are these hot nights though. If the nights stay above something like 72 degrees (meaning it never goes below that cuz it sure is not doing that during the day), then blossoms tend to fall off the plant rather than form fruits, this is called Ōblossom dropÕ. Plus it is just harder to sleep at night with it above 72 seeing as I donÕt have AC, so that makes for unhappy farmers : )

The ACME cooking class focusing on Eggplant is this Saturday, and filled up quickly. Would anyone else be interested in taking a class on Eggplant? Let me know, we can also always set up another class. If anyone is interested in receiving okra this year let me know! I canÕt guarantee much, but some here and there.

Produce Info:

Peppers are here! How exciting. I have given you all a red Serrano pepper with your bells, they are about as hot as a Jalapeno. Of course they are hotter if you include the seeds in the dish. Try making stuffed peppers with the bells, or stir frying them for Fajitas. I also have some Pablano Peppers if anyone is interested in them, send me an email. They are mildly spicy and good for the popular dish Chile Rellanos (which I donÕt know how to spell). Peppers store for a couple weeks in your hydrator drawer in a plastic bag. Also, keep your basil in the bag, sealed, so that it will not wilt. Do not put it in the colder part of your refrigerator, and if you see it get brown spots on it that means your refrigerator is too cold for it. Basil is very sensitive to the cold.

What To Look Forward To....

Lets see......of course more tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. More basil. More cantaloupe and watermelon at some point. More cucumbers and summer squash in the next couple weeks. I have planted more beans....lets cross our fingers I always find them tricky in this heat. Leeks! Onions! Garlic! We will be putting fall crops in the ground in a couple of weeks. This means that if they are successful (and they are always hard so I donÕt want to jinx myself here) we will have greens and broccoli for the last couple few weeks of the shares. Okay, that is it for now. Send me feedback and questions! Elise.