Week 13







1/8 lb.


1/4 lb.




1 small


1 larger



1.5 lb.


3 lb.


Sungold Cherry Tomato

1 pint


2 pints


Summer Squash

1 lb.


2 lb.



.75 lb.


1.25 lb.



Upon request

Upon request







Recipe Of The Week


Sweet and Spicy Squash


2 Tablespoons olive oil

3-4 cups patty pan and zephyr summer squash, chopped

½ cup diced onion

1 serrano pepper, diced

3 tablespoons honey

salt and pepper


Heat oil in skillet; add squash, onion and serrano and saute until tender. Drizzle honey over vegetables. Stir in salt and pepper to taste.






WhatÕs Going On?

Hello everyone! Melons...I have started to really enjoy melons this season. I particularly like the small melon you have all been receiving in your share, little Sweetie #6. A good bit of them split in the field so I have been enjoying those as rejects each morning for breakfast. I have been searching for good melon varieties for a couple few years now and am excited to say that I have just this past week tasted the best canteloupe ever. I can hardly wait to grow it next season so that you can all enjoy it too. My good friend who doesnÕt like canteloupe even said, Ōnow that is a good melon!Ķ My neighbor grew this variety and gave me one to take home. To my pleasant surprise this canteloupe, orange flesh with netted skin, has the most rich sweet flavor I have ever tasted. So, next year I will grow the Sweetie #6 again and this wonderful new cantaloupe addition. I also really like the yellow flesh watermelon that I am growing, I feel it is sweet and beautiful. I am not sold on the pink flesh Sugar baby that I have grown for the past few years (and have in the ground now to be harvested in a couple of weeks). Some members have complained that it is too seedy and not as sweet as they would like. I will keep on searching for that perfect variety. I am very tempted to grow some seedless varieties, but it would be a splurge since each seed costs about a dollar as compared to about 100 seeds to the dollar for varieties with seed.

I have posted about twenty recently taken photos on my web site so I encourage you all to take a virtual tour of the farm. Two of the photos are above, but there are many more. The wonderfully sweet Daisy Mae and ever so loyal Buster (both farm dogs) have posed for photos which you can view on the site as well. If you are at a loss for recipes please check out the recipe section of the site as there are many listed. Also, you can check out old newsletters as the past four years of newsletters are archived there. The site is at www.elysianfarm.com.

I guess I have to mention the heat, my goodness! We have had close to 100 degree days here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I canÕt wait for the break in the heat they say is coming later this week. We here at the farm have been taking it as easy as possible, starting work at 6 am and stopping at noon. (With all this free time in the afternoon I have already been able to finish the new Harry Potter book, which was awesome.)


Produce and Storage Information:

Once again you have received a yellow flesh watermelon. I hope this one as well as your last one were as ripe and sweet as the ones I have enjoyed here at the farm. The melon should store for a week or two in the refrigerator. If your basil turns brown at all while in the refrigerator this is because of cold damage. The basil can be sensative to coldness. Remember to keep your tomatoes out of the refrigerator (including the Sungolds) or you may lose flavor.


What to Look Forward to....

In the ground now we have more melons, summer squash and cucumbers waiting to come on and last us hopefully into September. There are two more plantings of green beans in the ground, one which looks as though it will be ready to harvest in two to three weeks, and another a week or so after. I plan on seeding another round tomorrow if it indeed does look like it may rain as the weather report says it might. The second planting of tomatoes is now ripening and we are making the transition from relying solely on the first to relying solely on the second quickly. The second planting hasnÕt faired all that well this season so we may see a dip in production until the third planting comes on in about three to four weeks or so. The third planting looks fabulous! The winter squash is looking about ready to be harvested, but really, who wants to be baking in this weather? We will start to harvest some next week and you will see some Spaghetti squash and Acorn squash soon in your share boxes. That is about it for now. Hope you are all well. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks! Elise.