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Monday January 27th, 2003


You have received this letter if you were an Elysian Fields Farm 2002 CSA member who has not signed up for this season, or are a new member who has signed on for 2003. I wanted to fill everyone in on what has been happening on the farm this winter and what is being planned for this year. The sign up deadline for this year is APRIL 1ST, 2003 with shares being delivered for 25 weeks starting April 15th until October 1st.

NEW FOR 2003

As you can see, this year the season for delivery starts and ends two weeks earlier than it did last year. This is primarily due to the October 18th wedding date between myself and my fiance Daniel Stern, Curator Coker Arboretum UNC campus. We plan to be married at the farm outdoors in front of the three-acre pond.

Also new for this year is the use of wax 1/2-bushel size cardboard boxes for share deliveries instead of paper bags. The wax boxes will nut suffer as the bags do from slight moisture and can stack easier as well as last longer. The only problem is making sure that members will return their previous weeks box when picking up their present week's box.

New this year for veggies on the farm we'll see 27 different varieties of Heirloom tomatoes trialed and 15 different varieties of Heirloom cantaloupes. Onions and Corn, which have not faired well on the farm in the past, will receive extra special attention this season. Onion starts have been ordered and are planned to go in the ground in early March. We will ensure corn germination by planting some first in the Green House then transplanting outdoors. Potatoes will be more plentiful this year, with a whole 1/3 of an acre dedicated to their early March planting. Also, a wide variety of Chiles and hot peppers will be grown along with the sweet bells this year.


I wanted to let folks know that I have been appointed to the Orange County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. The Bureau lobby's both locally and nationally for agricultural policy. As you all may know they also host an insurance company in their name although the agents are independent from the bureau.

Being the only woman, youngest member and only organic farmer on the board, I look forward to influencing policies and educating to benefit small local and sustainable farms.

For your information, anyone who knows of an up and coming senior who hopes to study agriculture at a four year university, the Bureau offers 6 scholarships a year for NC students. The scholarships are for any four-year university to study agriculture in the amount of $42,000 a year. Let me know if you know of anyone who may be interested.


The Annual Orange County Agricultural Summit will be held on Feb. 17th this year in the Schley Community North of Hillsborough. The meeting will be held for farmers, consumers and all of interest to learn more about agricultural economics in Orange County.

I have been asked to give a 10-15 minute presentation at the summit about CSA's in general as well as specifically my own operation. If anyone is interested in attending the summit please let me know and I can pass on more info. to you.


I have enclosed in your envelope information on the Steward of the Land Spoken work and Photo documentary. The Documentary, which has been in the making for almost a year now, will have its opening at the Carrboro Century Center on April 25th. This will kick off the Annual Piedmont Farm Tour (April 26th and 27th) of which the farm will be on this year and encourage member and nonmembers alike to visit.

Seven area farmers, of whom I am myself one, were selected to be spotlighted in the documentary. You can learn more about the Stewards of the Land documentary and the folks behind it by checking out either the enclosed info. or their on the web at www.stewardsoftheland.org.


Calling all of last year's drop off point volunteers and any prospective volunteers for this year. I would like to offer once again to the Belons in Durham, the Hemmings in Chapel Hill and the Berners in Hillsborough the chance to receive 1/2 off their share price in exchange for use of their covered porch for a drop off location from 3pm to 7pm on Wednesdays through out the season. I would also like other members who may be interested in volunteering their sight to let me know.

As mentioned earlier, deliveries this year will be slightly different than last year. The use of wax boxes to deliver the produce in calls for the need to return, each week, the previous weeks box. Members who may volunteer their space for drop off need to keep in mind that a stack of wax boxes will need to be sheltered for a week, each week, for me to pick up upon delivery the following week.

Well, hope to see you all this spring! Send an email if you have any questions effarm@earthlink.net or give a call at 919-732-8980. Thanks, Elise.

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