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Wednesday May 26th, 2004
Week 6

What's New This Week!!!

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1 bunch
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2 stalks
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1 head
1 head
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Sweet Peas
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3/4 lb.
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Summer Squash
1 bunch
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What's growin' on?

So this unseasonably hot weather we have been receiving lately has really done a number on the spring crops. Things are crashing really hard, including the strawberries. We had a good year with them, so I hope you all enjoyed them while they lasted. Unfortunately I anticipated one last week of them this week and I was wrong (a bit optimistic).

The second planting of broccoli has not headed up fully yet so hopefully we will have some next week. The summer squash is coming in quickly now so we will be able to enjoy that for some time.

As you can see this week we have the introduction of a lot of new crops, as we say goodbye to a good number of the spring crops. June will be a mixture of just this, early summer crops combined with late spring crops like carrots and cabbage. Come the beginning of July we will see the onset of most of the remaining summer crops like tomatoes and potatoes. Yum, eating seasonally.

Produce Info and Storage Tips

Garlic, yeahhhh! So, from now on you will be receiving garlic in your shares, as it is ready to go and beautiful this year. We are just pulling it now and will start to dry it. The garlic you have received this week has not been dried. This means that the 'skin' is not like thin paper as you are used to in the store, but still fresh. You can use all of the head to eat, as well as some of the stalk at this point. You also have the option of leaving the stalk out to air dry. If you do this the stalk will die back and as it does so the outer skin of the garlic will dry and form the paper cover around the cloves and head. Enjoy!

What to look forward to...

Next week......Basil, summer squash, cabbage, carrots, beets, garlic, scallions and more! Thanks! Elise.

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