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Wednesday April 21st, 2004
Week 1

What's New This Week!!!

Half Share
Full Share
1 head
2 heads
Bok Choi
1 small head
1 large head
Broccoli Raab
1 bunch
Swiss Chard
1 bunch
1 small bunch
1 large bunch
1 2 3
1 bunch
1 bunch
1 2
1 bunch
1 2 3

What's growin' on?

Hello everyone, and welcome back for another season of local produce! This year we have 49 members in the CSA program. There are 27 half shares and 22 full shares, with 17 members also participating in the flower share option. All members save 3 are returning members, with membership ranging from 4th year returning member to 2nd year returning member. I feel really good about these stats, and look forward to a rewarding season.

So far on the farm I have been going solo, handling the work load on my own for the spring. With the start of the CSA, Wednesday market and Saturday markets, things have started to get a bit busy. Luckily, we have an intern joining us for the summer months. Her name is Elizabeth, and she is a real go getter. She is in pursuit of a double major in Philosophy and Genetics at the University of Gainsville in Florida. Elizabeth arrives May 11th, and will be a part of the farm until the middle of August. Yeah!

I wanted to cover a few administrative reminders so that we are all clear on the workings of the program. Please let me know if you have any questions on these points.

  • Members must pick up their shares by 7pm (6:30 for Carrboro market) or they will lose their share.
  • Pick up times are as follows: Durham 2pm- 7pm, Hillsborough 2pm-7pm, Chapel Hill 3pm-7pm, Carrboro market 3:30pm - 6:30pm. No Exceptions.
  • Flowers are available for the flower share 10- 15 weeks out of the 25 week season. They will be available for pick up with your boxes at varying times through out the season. So, keep in mind you will not be receiving them every week.
  • The program runs for 25 weeks of deliveries. There will be a one week break in the middle of the season to be announced which is not included in the 25 weeks.
  • You have received in your boxes this week your first cook book, use it wisely! There is one cookbook per share, so if you are sharing your share and would like to purchase more than one cookbook let me know and I can do that for you. There are also recipes available on my website now, at www.elysianfarm.com.

Cooking and Storage Tips

Your cookbook not only has recipe� but also great storage and handling information for your produce. This is very important information since how you store and handle you produce will directly affect how long it will hold for. Please read this information for each crop in your cook books, as I will not be rewriting it in the newsletters.

Broccoli Raab is not in the cook book unfortunately, so I wanted to provide you with a little information on it myself. This green is an unusual medium sharp flavored veggie widely grown in Italy. It has edible stems and bud clusters. You should treat it like any other green, such as collards, kale, mustard greens, etc. You can stir fry it, steam it, blanch it or do what ever your imagination can think up.

What to look forward to...

Next week full shares will receive Broccoli Raab, while half shares receive Swiss Chard. The most exciting up and coming crop is the strawberries, due to arrive in next Wednesday� boxes. The are starting to turn now, with a sparse half red berry here or there in the patch. The taste great this year, and are abundant! So, that is the deal for this week, please let me know if you have any thoughts. Email is the best form of communication for me, I love to hear from you all! Elise.

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