July 9, 2014, Week 12

What’s Going on at the Farm?
Potato Harvest and Farm Tour, come for both or for just one.

CSA members of all ages!  If you have kids, bring them to help, they enjoy searching for potatoes in the dirt (it’s like a huge sand box!). 

Potato harvest is from 10am to 11am
Farm tour is from 11am to 12pm
This Sunday July 13th

Potato harvest: 
*You must type the address below exactly as it is printed into your Google maps or mapquest in order for it to come up correctly*
8301 NC Highway 86 N
Cedar Grove, NC 27231

We have TWO farm locations now.  We will harvest potatoes from our new location (the address above) then briefly tour the other crops planted there.  We will then drive three miles down the road to our original property to tour the bulk of the summer crops.  We will depart from the potato area by 11:15 at the latest, so if you just come for the tour you will want to arrive by then to make the caravan over to the other farm. 

Restrooms (Freshly delivered Porta Potty ONLY)
Outdoor hand washing station
Tents and chairs to sit for a break
Water and cups

We do not require you to RSVP, but it would be helpful to know if you are planning on coming so we can get an idea of how many people to expect.  So, let us know if you know! 
Elise, Beth, Trish, Shelley, and Soliz
Recipes and Veggie Information!

Baba Ganouj (Middle Eastern Eggplant Dip)
Makes 6-8 servings
2 lbs eggplant
6 T fresh lemon juice
4 T tahini                                                                                                                                                                    
1-4 garlic cloves, pressed or minced
2 T finely chopped fresh parsley
Salt to taste

Chopped scallions
Olive oil

Pierce the skins of the eggplants several times with a fork and place on baking sheet. Bake them whole at 400°F until very soft on the inside, about 30 minutes- 1 hour depending on their size.  When they are cool enough handle, scoop out the insides.  Puree eggplant pulp and remaining ingredients until smooth in a food processor.  Cool to room temperature.

Top with chopped scallions and a little olive oil and serve as a dip for raw vegetables or with pita bread.  Decorate with cherry tomatoes or olives as desired.

What's in the box?

Regular Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes! 2 lb.
Cucumbers 1 lb.
Cantaloupe Or Sungold Tomatoes 1 melon or 1 pint
Japanese Eggplant 1.5 lb.
Basil 1/8 lb.

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Sungold Tomatoes 1 pint
Tomatoes 3 lb.
Fairy Tale Eggplant 1.5 lb.
Squash 1 lb.
Basil ¼ lb.
Mixed Cherry Tomatoes 1 pint