July 2, 2014, Week 10

What’s Going on at the Farm?
                  Hello, Members!  I assume you are all excited for the fourth of July, and plan on making a delicious tomato salad to enjoy with your melons during the festivities.  As you can see, our summer crops are doing just wonderfully, with an onslaught of tomatoes, melons and beans this week.  Each day I am thankful for this year’s drier weather (as opposed to last year’s) and how wonderful all the crops look because of it.  Not only are the crops you are receiving now doing well, the crops you will be receiving like winter squash and sweet potatoes are looking great too.  Here is a picture of our ¼ acre winter squash field:

                  I will be sending a separate mail out to announce details for our annual Potato Harvest and Farm Tour, yet wanted to mention briefly here that it will be on Sunday July 13th from 10am to noon.   You can bring your children if you want and come for the potato harvest or for the tour at 11am only if you prefer. 
                  That is all for now, as a reminder, let us know if any of the melons are not up to par, and we will replace them.  Also, let us know if you have any other thoughts, feedback or concerns as we love to hear from you.
All the best,
Elise, Beth, Trish, Shelley and Soliz
Recipes and Veggie Information!

Baked Stuffed Tomatoes
Small sweet late season tomatoes are wonderful for stuffing and baking.  You can peel the tomatoes for a more delicate texture, but it is optional.  Make a stuffing of fresh breadcrumbs chopped garlic and lots of fresh basil.  Core the tomatoes, cut them in half horizontally, and remove the seeds.  Season the insides with salt and pepper, and fill the cavities with breadcrumb mixture, pressing it in well and mounding it on top.  Fit the tomatoes snugly in a shallow earthenware and drizzle each one with olive oil.  Bake at 375 degrees F for 30 minutes or so, until nicely browned.
The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

What's in the box?

Regular Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes! 2 lb.
Fairy Tale Eggplant (those who did not receive last week) OR Watermelon 1 lb.
Cantaloupe Or Sungold Tomatoes (we will swap next week so if you will get both in two weeks time) 1 melon or 1 pint
Summer Squash 1 lb.
Green Beans 1 lb.

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Sungold Tomatoes 1 pint
Tomatoes 3 lb.
Green Beans 1.75 lb.
Zucchini 1 lb.
Cantaloupe 1 melon
Watermelon 1 melon