September 18 2013, Week 20

What’s going on at the farm?
Hello, folks! Today is the final delivery for our 2013 main season CSA. We have packed your share in brown paper bags this week instead of wax boxes. We figure that way you won’t have a clunky wax box hanging around the house and won’t need to return to the pick-up location to drop one off. So, as a reminder, BRING ANY EMPTY BOXES you have been collecting with you to the pick-up site today, as this will be your last chance to drop them off (unless you are doing the fall CSA)!
We will be in touch mid-November as usual to see if you would like to reserve a spot for next season’s main season CSA. We will be sending a link to this year’s survey for you to fill out next week. A big thank you to our pick up hosts for providing a central location for all of us to benefit from!
All of our desperate extra plantings of fast growing greens really paid off for us in the end, and we hope you have enjoyed all the sautéing! The cooler rainy August thankfully yielded a bounty, although just not what we had intended ;) We are glad that the very last planting of green beans managed to survive and fruit right on time for the last delivery. The sweet potatoes are fresh out of the ground as they are the first we have harvested for the season. That harvest will continue into November, and we should have them through the winter. As I have mentioned in previous years, sweet potatoes straight out of the ground are not super sweet, rather they are a bit starchy. Some people enjoy them like this while others like to hang onto them for awhile to let them sweeten up before eating. If you do want to hang onto them, I would recommend setting them on your counter. They DO NOT want to go in the refrigerator since cold temperatures are not good for them. They also hold longer if you leave the dirt on them. Seriously! Washing them breaks their ‘dormancy’ and initiates their decline, although I am sure you won’t be able to hold off for too long anyhow, they are so yummy!
We take next week to lay plastic on our strawberry beds and plant them for our spring harvest. Other than that a little time for clean up and then straight into our much smaller fall CSA starting October 2nd. You can also find our stand at the Saturday Carrboro Farmers Market any time this fall or winter since we are now going year round. We may be at the Wednesday market for another week or two, but not much longer as things start to slow down a bit.
Thank you all for your support this growing season, we hope to see you back next year! Please let us know if you have any thoughts, concerns or feedback.
All the best, Elise, Beth and Trish.

Another great recipe from a CSA member that highlights chard….

What's in the box?

Regular Share
Crop Amount  
  • Sweet potatoes (2 lb.)
  • Cucumbers (1 lb.)
  • Green beans (3/4 lb.)
  • Red onions (2)
  • Garlic (1)
  • Baby Chard (1/2 lb.)
Full Share
Crop Amount  
  • Sweet potatoes (3 lb.)
  • Green beans (1 lb.)
  • Red onions (2)
  • Garlic (2)
  • Sweet Peppers (3/4 lb.)
  • Boc Choi (1 bunch)
  • Kale (1 bunch)
  • Baby chard (1/2 lb.)