August 21 2012, Week 19


We have ONE more delivery left after today, bringing us to the last Wednesday in August.

What's growing on???

Hello folks!
This weekend it rained. And rained some more! I am not quite sure how much we received altogether, since my rain gauge was totally full and overflowing by the time I checked it. Since the gauge tops off at 3 inches, I think it is safe to say we received at least 3 and a half here Saturday night through Monday morning. Just six miles down the road they only had 1 and ¼ inches altogether. It still surprises me how spotty the rains can be. Another thing that surprises me about the weather is how August seems to be the new September, and July the new August. I have been farming in North Carolina for fourteen years, and cool (wonderfully cool and fall like) nights in August are not really in my memory bank prior to the last few years. Although I have been known to have a bad memory, as I remember it, August was the month of endless 100 degree humid and unbearable days and above 70 degrees humid nights. Not that I am complaining! I am soooooo enjoying the weather right now. Work is wonderful, and as the crops become fewer and less demanding, we have time to remove old trellising, irrigation, ground cover and the like from the field. Mowing, turning in the ground and preparing it for fall covers. Clean up! It feels good to get organized.
Next week is the last delivery! The CSA runs for 20 weeks every year, and since we started nice and early in April, we are not running into September at all this year. Today you will be receiving more of those yummy peppers we have been so pleased with. The last of the regular tomatoes!!! More butternut squash, but don’t worry, these HOLD. I know we have handed them out for a couple of weeks already, but there is no hurry to eat them. Enjoy them with Thanksgiving! For the last delivery next week you can look forward to more butternut, as well as Sweet Potatoes! Another great storage item, you can also enjoy them with your Thanksgiving meal if you would like. The last of the onions, also next week, which store as well, plus more cherry tomatoes and peppers. This sounds so cliché, but really, the season has flown by! I can’t believe there is only one more delivery. As usual, we will be handing your shares out next week in a large brown paper bag for you to take home (so that you won’t have a wax box to take home and not be able to return).
Thanks all! Elise


What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Sungolds (1 pint)

Tomatoes (2 lb.)

Sweet Colored peppers (1.5 lb.)

Medly of winter squash


Half Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes (1 lb.)

Sweet colored peppers (3/4 lb.)

Mixed Cherry Tomatoes (one pint)


Butternut squash (medium size)