August 15 2012, Week 18


We have TWO more deliveries left after today, bringing us to the last Wednesday in August.

Beth, who has been working here at the farm for the past five years now, will host her annual fall CSA program again this year.  Take it from me, this is goooooood stuff. Here is her blurb:
“Beth’s Farm has a few spaces open for the fall/winter CSA which will start the end of September or early October.  A few of the potential crops include lettuce, assorted greens, carrots, beets, broccoli, sweet potatoes, winter squash and herbs.  Email Beth Myers at <> for details and to sign up.  Cost is $250 for 12 weeks. Chapel Hill/Carrboro delivery only.  First come, first serve!”

What's growing on???

We are happy that it has cooled down a bit outside as we see the humidity drop.   Work feels a lot more manageable that way!  And cool mornings…..seriously dreamy.  As you can see the peppers rock on!  We are so thrilled with how well they have done this year.  I am enjoying raw peppers in a tomato salad daily.  And I am happy that we heard from about twenty folks that they would like to receive additional hot peppers in their boxes this week.   
Butternut  and Acorn Squash: Winter squash in the summer? Yep! It’s called winter squash not because it grows in the winter but because the fruit stores for so long you can eat it in the winter months. So, set this pretty baby on the counter (not refrigerator) and consider it counter art until you feel like eating it… or in November!! They say that the longer you wait, the sweeter the flesh. Cooking butternut or acorn squash is actually pretty simple. I like to cut it in half lengthwise, take the seeds out, rub the flesh side with olive oil and place it face down on a baking sheet. Bake in the oven until the flesh is totally soft. You can add butter and garlic or brown sugar.
What to look forward to….
The next two weeks will be fairly straight forward, as our summer crops dwindle under the heat and pest pressure of August. We will have more winter squash, onions, and potatoes for you. The tomatoes and peppers are still kicking it and we hope to have those for at least next week. The sweet potatoes are still on the small side since our slips were shipped late to us this year. I am hopefully though that we will get you some in at least the last week’s share if not last two. We may also have one more week of eggplant towards the end.
Thanks! Elise.


What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes (3 lb.)

Mixed Cherry Tomatoes (1 pint)

Sweet Colored peppers (1.5 lb.)

Butternut squash (medium size)

Acorn Squash (medioum size)

Potatoes (2.5 lb.)

Half Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes (2 lb.)

Sweet colored peppers (3/4 lb.)

Sungolds (one pint)

Potatoes (1.5 lb.)

Butternut squash (medium size)