July 3 2012, Week 12


The annual potato harvest and tour at the farm this year will be scheduled for Sunday July 15th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Folks are encouraged to come with their children to sift through the soil and dig up potatoes. This is a pretty low maintenance job, suitable for those of all ages. It is like a big sand box with buried treasures for the kids. We will work for about an hour then embark on a short tour of the farm. The event is shortened this year to one hour of harvesting, as we did not plant quite as many potatoes as we have in the past. Folks should arrive at 1:00 if they wish to take part in the harvest, and 2:00 if they wish to go on the tour only.I will be sending reminders in future newsletters as the date approaches.

This week you will find red, yellow and pink tomatoes in your tomato bag. The red you are used to, a varietly called Big Beef. The pink tomatoes are Pink Girl, and the yellow are Lemon Boy. Take them out of the bag and set them on the counter until their color is deep and the fruit is just slightly soft to the touch. Too soft and they are over ripe and will taste mealy and mushy. Remember, do not refrigerate tomatoes as temperatures below 55 degrees can ruin their flavor and texture.

Recipes, Produce and Storage Information:

Good news, we are still here! We made it through the heat unscathed! Early morning starts and field exits by noon (or 1:00pm) at the latest have been crucial. After that we work in the shade of the packing shed for a few hours and call it a day by 4pm where a cold shower awaits! These days the person who is drinking the most water has bragging rights. Seriously, the consumption of water has never been a more popular topic of conversation! That and tomatoes......
Speaking of which, did you notice you will be recieving tons of tomatoes this week??? We are having, what we call, 'peak week' in the tomato patch. It took the three of us four hours yesturday to harvest them, and we found ourselves with a bounty weighing over 1,000 pound!. To put it in farming lingo, they are coming on fast and hard! Its time to look into making salsa, gazpacho, tomato sauce or even ketchup. You will most likely be seeing the same amount of tomatoes in next week's share, with a little less after that.
Have a great fourth!
I love to hear from you so please email if you have any comments, thoughts or concerns. Elise.


What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes! (5 lb.)

Sungolds (1 pint)

Eggplant (1 lb.)

Green peppers (1/2 lb.)


Melon or cukes

Half Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes! (3 lb.)

Mixed cherry tomatoes (one pint)

Green peppers (1/2 lb.)

Jalepeno (one)

Summer Squash (3/4 lb.)