August 31 2011, Week 20

This is the last week of deliveries, concluding 11 years of farming and running a CSA program for myself and Elysian Fields Farm.  Each year we win some and lose some, but it does seem as time goes on that we win more and more each year.  Farming can take a lot of patience, for example when we do lose a certain crop, we may have to wait a WHOLE year to try it again, but a little different.  I have been taking notes all season with ideas for what to do next year.  It is a lot of fun actually, the planning. 

I am really happy with how this season went, and hope you are too.  One thing I am happy with is that  I  think we had more diversity  in August this year.  August can be one of the hardest months to have a lot of different produce, although it doesn’t seem as thought it would be that way since it is the heart of the summer and all.  But the heat, usual dryness and insect pressure are always at their peak, and it takes its toll on the crops and the farmers.  I already have more ideas for August for next year along with the new addition of sweet potatoes this year. 

I plan on sending an electronic survey out to folks in the next few weeks, and would appreciate any feedback you can give.  Keep in mind that your local farmer’s markets are now open year round, both Durham and Chapel Hill.  So, no need to stop eating local just because the CSA is winding down.  Thanks to all of you for supporting the farm this year!  I really couldn’t do it without you!  As usual, you will also receive information on how to reserve your spot for next year, if you would like to do so, in about a month or so. 

Thanks!!! Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Green Beans   1 lb.
Sweet Potatoes  2-3 lb.
Winter Squash   2
Potatoes            3 lb.
Onions             3
Muscadine’s (the bronze Scuppernogs) or cherry tomatoes   One pint

Half Share
Crop Amount  

Green Beans     ½ lb.
Sweet Potatoes  1-2 lb.
Winter Squash   One
Potatoes             2 lb.
Onions                2