August 24 2011, Week 19

Hello folks!  I hope you all had a nice week.  We sure have, enjoying the cooler weather as we work.  We are in the midst of taking a month off from the Saturday market, returning the middle of September.  Myself and the farm crew actually took off and went to the beach last weekend for a night!!!  It was fabulous.  Of course, since we are in the sun ALL the time while we work at the farm, we made sure to take precautions against getting much more of it.  Beach umbrella’s, sunhats, sunscreen, long sleeve cotton shirts, you name it!  We had a blast swimming and playing Boggle on the beach.  Doesn’t get much better than that. 

We are excited to have grown sweet potatoes for the first time this year!  We thought it would be a nice new addition to the shares during the last couple weeks of deliveries.  Here’s the deal:  We have cured them as recommended in order to harden their skin and allow for longer storage.  This means they ‘should’ hold for months to come ON THE COUNTER.  The humid environment in the refrigerator is not good for their storage at this point,  coupled with the colder temperatures of the fridge possibly turning the sugars to starch.  THE LONGER YOU HOLD THE SWEET POTATOES ON THE COUNTER THE SWEETER THEY WILL TASTE.  The curing sweetens them some, as they do not come out of the ground sweet, but the storage also helps the starches convert to sugar.  So, you can eat them now and enjoy their mild sweetness, or hold them for months and eat them for dessert ;)  You will receive more in your box next week as well.

In addition to storing sweet potatoes, you have received more onions, potatoes and winter squash, ALL of which stores on the counter as well for months.  Time for some counter art!  We are happy to finally have a planting of watermelon that has ripened all at once so we can give them to everyone on the same week.  Our watermelon disclosure:  Every now and again we harvest one accidentally that is not ripe or overripe.  So is the nature of harvesting melons.  It can just be tricky sometimes.  If we give you a watermelon that is not ready or overripe, please let us know and we can see if we have more to get you a replacement.  It sure would be easier if we could crack them all open before delivering them just to be sure, but hey, that just defeats the purpose. 

Till next week, Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Sweet Potatoes!    2 lb.
Potatoes                3 lb.
Onions                  Three
Winter Squash      Two
Sugar Baby Watermelon   One
Sungolds              One pint

Half Share
Crop Amount  

Sweet Potatoes!     1 lb.
Potatoes                 2 lb.
Onions                    two
Butternut Squash   One
Sugar Baby Watermelon  One
Japanese Eggplant   ½ lb.