August 17 2011, Week 18

Hey folks!  Hope you are enjoying these cooler mornings as much as I am.  As I type this this morning, I am wearing a sweater.  That’s right.  A sweater…because I can.  Sweater weather in August makes me a happy farmer.  Speaking of August, we find ourselves in our typical August clean up routines lately.  Pulling up irrigation, T-posts we used for trellising tomatoes, re-usable landscape fabric we plant the tomatoes into and mowing down old crops.  There is not much left in the ground here at the farm to harvest, since the CSA only has a couple more weeks.  I have a smaller area for some things to bring to the Saturday market in late September and October to finish the season off.  But, it is most surely time to start the process of putting the farm to bed for the year. 

That’s right, the CSA only has TWO more weeks left this season.  And this week is the end of the tomatoes L  They don’t look nearly as pretty as they have all season, being the last of the last off the vines, and are not holding as long, but still just as yummy. 

We harvested our Sweet Potato planting, and are in the process of ‘curing’ them, a necessary step to facilitate converting the starch to sugar and sweetening them, as well as toughening up their skins to help them store all winter.  Funny thing, they need constant 85 plus temperatures and high humidity.  We have turned our walk in cooler into a sauna for them, and boy does it feel hot and humid in there!  Ten days in the sauna and the sweet potatoes should be good to go in your boxes next week and the last week as well. 

Let me know if you need anything!  Enjoy. Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes 2 lb.
Basil   ¼ lb.
Winter Squash (a couple or a few)
Onions  3
Eggplant  2 lb.

Half Share
Crop Amount  

Tomatoes 1 lb.
Basil  1/8 lb.
Winter Squash (one to two)
Onions  2
Summer Squash or cucumbers  1 lb.