July 27 2011, Week 15

Hello Members!  Hope you all had a nice week, and survived the record breaking consecutive 100+ degree days.  We survived them by being sure to be out of the field and direct sun by noon, doing what we could in the packing shed in the shade, then calling it a day.  Not much use in trying to do more than we absolutely had to in that kind of weather, seems like we would be causing more damage to ourselves in the long run.   Looks like we have more 100 degree days towards the end of this week, yikes!  Hope August is better to us….although when is August weather all that kind?  On a positive note, the crops are cranking out produce!  They seem to be loving the heat, as long as we keep the irrigation going each day. 

Grapes!  We planted grape vines a few years ago, in hopes of putting the grapes in the shares boxes.  This is the first year they have produced fruit, although still not enough for everyone.  We harvested some last week and snuck them into about 40 of the 110 share boxes.  We kept track of who we gave them to, and have some more this week to give to those who didn’t get any last week.  We probably still don’t have enough for everyone this week, but hopefully will be able to give some everyone over the next couple of weeks.  In addition, as the vines grow, we should have more in the following years to give out.  They sure are tasty!

 This is week 15 of the program, which means we have only five more deliveries for the year.  This summer is truly flying by.  We should see more basil, summer squash, cucumbers, melons, peppers, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.  We are excited to have Green beans on the way as well as Sweet potatoes for folks in late August. 

Storage:  You can put your potatoes as is in the hydrator drawer of your refrigerator.  Unwashed, they store longer, and you could hold them for a couple of months if you had room and wanted to.  Tomatoes and Sungolds:  On the counter not in direct sun, out of the bag.  Taking them out of the bag will help them store longer, as the bag speeds up ripening.  Putting the tomatoes in the refrigerator can affect their flavor, as temperatures under 55 can do that to them.  Basil, peppers, squash/cukes:  in the plastic bag in the hydrator drawer. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns.  I love hearing from you.  Have a great week!  Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

Sweet Peppers     1 2/3 lb
Tomatoes             4 lb.
Sungolds              1 pint
Potatoes               3 lb.
Basil                    One bag

Half Share
Crop Amount  

Sweet Peppers      ½ lb.
Lemon cucumbers or summer squash       1 lb.
Tomatoes              2 lb.
Sungolds               1 pint
Potatoes               2 lb.
Basil                     One bag