June 8 2011, Week 8

Hello Member!  We thought we would give you a bit of a lighter week this week, let you use up some of the plethora of vegetables we have been loading you up with.  I personally have been amazed at how long some of the produce keeps in my refrigerator!  With the transition from spring to summer, we also have a bit of a low harvest week as we await enough tomatoes to give the to you all, as well as potatoes to size up (soon!!).  We have baby cantaloupe and watermelon on the way, and we also have seen a few small eggplant.  The pepper look FABULOUS this year.  And we will have some green peppers at least to give you in a couple of weeks.  The colored sweet bells will be a month or more at this point.  But, lots, and YUM!. 

This has been a really good growing season, the weather has been very generous to us.  It has been a while since it has been this easy!!  And what a treat it is.  We have succession plantings of melons, cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes to keep them coming all summer long.  The onions did wonderfully, and we are harvesting them now to cure and dry.  The potato crop is the best I have ever had.  Lot of eggplant and peppers to come.  And for August, green beans and hopefully a new item, sweet potatoes!!  For you to eat in the summer or store for the fall/winter.  The winter squash look great too, and that will show up in August for something new. 

These hot temperatures have us saying goodbye to the wonderful spring crops we have been harvesting.  But how yummy they were, carrots, beets, peas, lettuce, strawberries and spinach….they all did us right this year.  This is the last of the Cauliflower, and I have to warn you, we have had a late attack from the cabbage looper worm, so after you cut up your cauliflower, check for any small green caterpillars….feed them to your chickens if you have some (the caterpillars not the cauliflower)!
Eat up, enjoy!  Let me know if you have any thoughts, feedback or concerns, I do love to hear from you all J  Elise.


Sufficient Grace Summer Squash with Buttered Crumbs
Cheri Castle, The New Southern Garden Cookbook.

-4 T butter, divided
-1 cup fresh bread crumbs (“Dry crumbs eliminate moisture and add crunch.  Fresh crumbs help retain moisture and add bulk.  Fresh crumbs are best when made from fresh or slightly stale bread, such as a baguette.  The bread crumbs should be fairly large, about the size of a green pea.  For a small amount of crumbs to use at once, just tear the bread into small pieces by hand”
-2 lb. mixed tiny summer squashes, trimmed and thinly sliced
-Kosher salt and ground pepper to Taste

-Melt 2 T of the butter in a large, heavy skillet (preferably cast-iron) over medium-high heat.  Stir in the crumbs and cook until crisp, golden brown, and fragrant, stirring often about 5 minutes.  Transfer to a medium bowl.
-Melt the remaining 2 T of the butter in the skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the squash and a pinch of salt and stir to coat.  Cover and cook, stirring often, until the squash is barely tender and not at all mushy or watery, 5-8 minutes.  Season with the salt and pepper.  Sprinkle the crumbs over the quash and serve hot. 

Cool and Tangy Cucumbers
Nancie McDermott, Quick and Easy Chinese

1 lb. cucumbers
¾ t salt, divided
1T red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or white vinegar
1 T Asian sesame oil
1 t sugar
½ t finely chopped garlic

Cut each cucumber half crosswise into 2-inch lengths, and then cut each section lengthwise into sturdy little rods, about ¼ inch wide.  Place them in a medium bowl and sprinkle with ½ t of the salt.  Tumble them together to distribute the salt, and set them aside for thirty minutes to one hour.
Meanwhile, combine the remaining ¼ t salt in a medium bowl with the vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and garlic.  Stir to dissolve the sugar and salt and mix everything together well. 
When the cucumbers are ready, rinse the well, and then pat them dry with kitchen towels or paper towels.  Add them to the bowl of vinegar-sesame dressing and stir to season them evenly.  Let stand 30 minutes and serve at room temperature.  Cover and refrigerate, dressing and all for up to 3 days. 

What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

One larger Cauliflower
2 lb. cucumbers
2 lb. summer squash
2 onions
1/3 lb. basil

Half Share
Crop Amount  

One smaller cauliflower
1 lb. cucumbers
1 lb. summer squash
1 onion
¼ lb. basil