May 25 2011, Week 6

Hello Member!  Another bountiful week!  Enjoy the Sugar Snap Peas, they come and go quickly and this will be the second and last week.  Also, the strawberries have sadly said their goodbyes, short and sweet (literally!) season for them.  Good thing we have lots of other great stuff to pick up their slack.  New this week, summer squash! So early, so tender, so yummy!  And tons!  Get your cooking on.  The cucumbers have juuuuussst started, and there will be MANY more.  They look great this year.  We tried a small pickling cucumber, along with the lemon and regular slicing we always do.  We have some this week for the full shares, and more next for all.  Time for those delicious summer cucumber salads.  And speaking of summer, it seems to be here early!  With a fond farewell to the lettuce with the onset of 90+ temperatures.  The lettuce and most other greens simply can’t handle it!  We may have more summer crisp lettuce next week, as they can handle the heat a little better so we plant them for a later harvest.  The onions look fabulous this year and we have thousands.  They should last us through the end of August and the rest of the shares.  We get them now when they are green, then as they mature we cut the tops off and dry them so they store for months.  And basil, wow, so early.  Enjoy with your summer squash stir fry, and hopefully tomatoes will show up in a couple of weeks to round it all off. 


Sautéed Cubed Squash:  The Victory Garden Cookbook, by Marian Morash

2 ½ lb. squash and or zucchini
4 T butter

Wash, trim and cube the squash.  Toss with the salt and let drain for 30 minutes or so.  Pat dry.  Heat the butter in a large skillet and add the squash.  Cook, stirring to coat with butter, for 5-6 minutes.  The cooking time depends on the size of the cubes.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  (And I think Basil!!).  

What's in the box?

Full Share
Crop Amount  

1 ¼ lb. Sugar Snap Peas
1 ½ lb. squash and zucchini
A couple small pickling cucumbers
1 larger head of green cabbage
1 larger bunch of White Satin Carrots
1 head of summer crisp lettuce
Two white onions, one red onion
One pint of strawberries
A bigger amount of basil

Half Share
Crop Amount  

¾ lb. Sugar Snap Peas
1 lb. summer squash and zucchini
1 head of green cabbage
1 bunch of Purple Haze Carrots
1 head of summer crisp lettuce
One white onion, one red onion
A small amount of basil