News from the farm: September 15, 2010

What's going on at the farm?

 Hello CSA members!  I hope you had a nice last couple of weeks, and have been enjoying the cooler weather as we have.  The evening temperatures below seventy are quite a treat!  It actually feels like fall.  What a great season.  Along with fall comes the close of the CSA farming season, with this week being our last delivery.  In reflecting upon the year, it is nice to remember the plentiful beets, peas, melons, onions and scallions, carrots and more!  It is nice for me to already feel my brain churning over different ideas of how to try this a little different, or that a little different, or various crops for next year. 

This week you have all received a Mesclun salad mix, containing salad greens such as Tatsoi, Mustard, Komatsuna, Mitzuna and baby lettuce.  The heat held the lettuce back from really doing its thing, so that is only a small part of the mix.  But the greens are tender and yummy, and I know I sure have been craving some in their long summer absence.  You can eat this mix as a salad, with dressing, or cook it up to wilt the greens if you would like. 

So, I would like to thank you all for supporting the farm this season.  I hope you have enjoyed eating seasonally, and learning about what is available when, and what it is like to grow locally.  I will be in touch with you all shortly about next season, asking if you would like to reserve your spot again.  We are planting strawberries and garlic for next year in these last two weeks of September.  We have to plan ahead with those guys, plant in September to harvest in May! 

All the best, Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount  

Mesclun Salad Mix - 1 lb.
Basil  - ¼ lb.
Tomatoes - 2 lb.
Cherry Tomatoes - 1 pint
Eggplant - 1 ¼  lb.
Turnips - 1 bunch

Half Box
Crop Amount  

Mesclun Salad Mix - 1 lb.
Basil - 1/8 lb.
Tomatoes - 1 lb.
Eggplant - ¾ lb.
Radishes - 1 bunch