News from the farm: June 9, 2010

What's going on at the farm?

            Hello Members!  Wow, June.  It really is a transition month here at the farm.  While March is full of Plant! Plant! Plant! and May is full of Harvest! Harvest! Harvest! June is the month of Transition!  We enter into our first phase of ‘clean up’, as we say goodbye to the spring crops that just can’t handle those temperatures above 85 very well, and above 90 pretty much at all.  So, irrigation needs to come up, fields need to be turned in with the tractor, and summer cover crops need to be planted.  As the spring crops dwindle and fade, the summer just start to pop in.  Sometimes that timing works out oh so perfectly.  Sometimes there is a small bit of a window, as the abundance of the spring crops has peaked and we find ourselves hunting for the last of the goodness, the summer crops start out slowly with a random turning tomato here, the one large eggplant there.  A bit of a window (or the not so nice way to put it - gap) is what we are entering into this week and next……..and mayyyybbbbe the next but hopefully not.  We have a lot of things on the verge of being abundant, but we have to wait them out.  Tomatoes!  Oh so soon.  Eggplant, soon.  Peppers, not quite as soon.  Green beans, very soon, like probably next week.  Cantaloupe, looking good….how soon???  A few weeks.  So, as we await those yummy items, we have a bit of the ‘first of’s’ this week and a bit of the ‘last of’s”. 
            Last of green cabbage, although next week we will have red cabbage.  Last of the carrots, although I may be jumping the gun on that and we may have some orange ones for you next week, we’ll try!  Unfortunately last of the cauliflower and broccoli.  I have to say I am / was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have more of these yummy items this spring, and am sorry for that.  Our second planting, that was looking so good a week ago, really went down hill this weekend with the 90 plus temperatures.  Half shares, in their ‘one more item’ may have received cauliflower or broccoli, but as most of them either bolted or turned brown, we didn’t have much.  If you received cauliflower and it is not as bright white, a little yellow, no need to worry about flavor.  It will be good.  It is exposure to the sun that does that, as the ones that are bright white are ‘blanched’ or kept out of light.  So, I have been making notes that next year I would like to have three plantings of broccoli and cauliflower so folks can get more of it, and hope we don’t get these unseasonably warm days in early June to knock that late planting back.  Last thing I want to comment on is the squash.  Oh boy, what a productive planting!  I know we have been giving you quite a bit lately, as we have had a BUNCH.  I don’t want to overwhelm folks with it, so I would like some feedback on where you are at with it.  Too much, please stop?!  Are you crazy, we love squash casserole!  Let me know….
            Oh yeah!  And some have you may have received Lemon Cucumbers instead of the traditional green cucumber.  The lemon cucumber is an heirloom variety that look like a lemon, but tastes like a cucumber.  The are quite good. 
Thanks, Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount  

Yukon Gold New Potatoes - 3 lbs.
Cucumbers - 1 lb.
Onions - Two white, One red
Summer Squash - 2 lbs.
Carrots - One bunch
Cabbage - One head, or two small

Half Box
Crop Amount  

Yukon Gold New Potatoes - 2 lbs.
Cucumbers - ½ lb.
Onions - One red, One white
Summer Squash - 1 lb.
Carrots - One bunch
One more item - One