News from the farm: July 22, 2009

What's going on at the farm?

Week 12

TOMATOES: This sure is peak week number two...hope you guys can handle it! The red tomatoes are Big Beef, the pink are Pink Girls and if you have received them, the purple are Cherokee purple and yellow bi-color Stripped German. You may need to let your tomatoes ripen a bit more, but maybe not. Take them out of the bag, and let them sit on your counter until they are a deep shade of red or pink (or purple). This should only take a day or two. DO NOT put in the refrigerator. Temperatures colder than 55 degrees affect the flavor or tomatoes. We never refrigerate our tomatoes below 55 degrees. If anyone is having a hard time eating your tomatoes, don't forget about Gaspacho! So easy, and those pablonos would be good in it too!

-PABLONA PEPPERS: Half shares, your peppers this week are MILDLY hot, meaning a three on a scale of one to ten. They are very flavorfull and tasty, and the hint of heat is a great addition to any dish. Saute them up and throw them into virtually any dish.

-CHERRY TOMOTOES: Mixed Cherry Tomatoes: They look like candy, or jems...!! We have a few different colors from red to yellow, purple, pink, white, orange and even green. It is hard to eat them because you just want to keep looking at them....Half shares hopefully next week. Sungolds: Orange and sweet, what a treat!

-ONIONS: The white variety is called Candy and the red variety is called Candy Apple. Why? Because they are just so darn sweet. I assume you all know how to cook with onions? Olive oil, onions, sauttee and add anything else after that and YUM! Next week, full shares will get onions.

Farming FUN!! Well, we sure have been lucky with these cooler days in July, it is hard to believe it is July actually with mid-eighties and evenings in the sixties. What a treat! On the farm right now we are winding down our first planting of tomatoes and our second planting is slowly starting to show some color. This second planting should carry us almost to the end of the CSA in early September, although we most likely won't have quite the quantity we have been having for the past two weeks.

We have basil coming on, and will have it again for the shares either next week or the week after. We do also have more plantings of beans, cucumbers, melons and summer squash although it may be a couple few weeks still yet before we harvest them as we have a little gap forming here. We will have more eggplant, and also the start of some colored bell peppers soon enough. More potatoes to boot!

That is all for now. Thanks all! Hope your week of eating is enjoyable :) I love to hear from you. Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $28.00
Tomatoes! 5 lbs. $12.50
Sungold Cherry Toms 1 pint $3.00
Mixed Cherry Toms 1 pint $3.50
Melon one $3.00
Kennebec Potatoes 3 lbs. $6.00
Half Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $18.25
Sungolds 1 pint $3.00
Tomatoes! 3 lb. $7.50
Onions 2/3 lb. $2.00
Kennebec Potatoes 2 lbs. $4.00
Pablono Peppers 1/2 lb. $1.75