News from the farm: July 1, 2009

What's going on at the farm?

Week 9

-Potato event, HUGE success!!!
I wonder if part of the succes was that I gave three weeks notice so folks could plan ahead, we had such a great turn out!!! I think next year I am going to set the date from the beginning of the season, and let folks know. How is that for notice! I liked that it was a two hour event also, in the past I have done three and I feel that may be just a little too long. We got all the potatoes up in two!!!! 2000 pounds roughly!!! You members really showed up and helped, saving us two days or more of work here in just two hours. We are very grateful. We enjoyed your company as well, it was so much fun to see how excited the kids got about everything! Look a toad! A leak in the irrigation makes a great sprinkler!! Look how big this potato is! Look how small this potato is!!! I think everyone had lots of fun, I know I did, so thanks :)

-Thank you thank you thank you all for so many wonderful birthday wishes!!! What a nice surprise! I appreciate you all a plenty :)

-You all know I sell at the Carrboro Farmer's market on Wed. and Saturday's. Well, our market manager has let us know two things: One, there is a 'Love your Farmer's Market Contest' going on nationwide. The winning market gets $5,000. If you would like to vote for the Carrboro Farmers Market, please go to . Also, if you shop at the Saturday Carrboro Market, keep in mind that July 4th is on a Saturday this year, and we will be having a shortened market from 7am to 10am and will be located on Main St. in front of Town Hall instead of on the commons. The commons are going to be set up for the town's 4th of July events.

-SUNGOLD CHERRY TOMOTOES: Orange and sweet, what a treat! We are just getting into the swing of things with these guys, hopefully we wil have enough soon to be able to give them to everyone!

-JAPANESE EGGPLANT: It is long and thing, and tender and sweet. Unlike the European eggplant that round and plump, this eggplant does NOT need to be peeled or salted, if that is what you are used to doing. So, just slice up and sautee! That simple. Olive oil, garlic, slice into rounds and throw in. Sautee until almost mushy, but just tender. This is simple and yummy.

-TOMATOES: Yum! Seriously. They are so good. This is just a small sampling of what is to come, as the quantity we will be harvesting will be increasing soon enough. The red tomatoes are my favorite, Big Beef, and the pink (if you have recieved them) are Pink Girls. You may need to let your tomatoes ripen a bit more. If that is the case, let sit on your counter until they are a deep shade of red or pink. This should only take a day or two. DO NOT put in the refrigerator. Temperatures colder than 55 degrees affect the flavor or tomatoes. We never refrigerate our tomatoes. We do harvest them before they are fully ripe for a couple of reasons: 1) once they have started turning color on the vine they have within them the ability to reach their flavor potential by ripening on or off the vine. If they are picked green, before they have reached 'the breaking point' (the point at which they start turning) they will not reach this flavor potential off the vine. This is how the commercial tomato industry harvests tomatoes (green then gases them to turn them red) and why store bought tomatoes don't really taste that great. So, we harvest hem after they have started turn because they will reach their flavor potential off vine, but before they are fully ripe so they have time to get to you before they start to go bad! Also, they travel better the firmer they are...and also you don't have to eat them all in one day if you get a variety of ripe stages in your bag they can last you all week! That was a mouthful!

POTATOES: The variety you have received this week is Yukon Gold! Good for cooking any way you want to!

-ONIONS: A little break from Onions this week, but plenty more to come! This is just the start of our lovely crop of onions this year. The white variety is called Candy and the red variety is called Candy Apple. Why? Because they are just so darn sweet. Very tasty, I am enjoying them raw in my cucumber salads every lunch. We just finished harvesting the onions and puttin them on drying racks for storage. I assume you all know how to cook with onions? Olive oil, onions, sauttee and add anything else after that and YUM!

Thanks all! Hope your week of eating is enjoyable :) I love to hear from you. Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $28-29
Tomatoes! 1.5 lbs. $7.50
Potatoes! 3 lbs. $6.00
Sungold Cherry Toms 1 pint $3.00
Japanese Eggplant 1 lb. $3.00
A melon one small $2-3.00
Green Beans 1 lb. $4.00
Cucumbers 1 lb. $2.50
Half Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $16.10
Tomatoes! 1.5 lbs. $4.50
Potatoes! 2 lbs. $4.00
Green Beans 2/3rd lb. $2.60
Summer squash OR
Japanese Eggplant 1 lb. $2.50-3.00
Cucumbers 1 lb. $2.50