News from the farm: June 17, 2009

What's going on at the farm?

June 17th, 2009 Week 7

Produce and Cooking Info:
Event At the Farm!!! Sunday, June 28th 2-4pm
We will be harvesting potatoes, and could use your help! This has been a great family activity we have held in the past. The potatoes are plowed up with the tractor, and many hands sifting through the soil and collecting the potatoes into bins makes for a fast and easy one time harvest. Kids can help to! It is kind of like an easter egg hunt. I would like folks to RSVP if they can, just so I can get an idea of whether or not anybody is planning on coming. It is a nice way to get to visit the farm and see how the veggies grow that you eat, and gawk at the cute pigs. IF IT IS RAINING THE EVENT WILL BE CANCELED! And unfortunatly not rescheduled since we have a small window with which we need to harvest the potatoes. I will email directions to the farm next week.

Debrah Madison 'Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone' - if you are going to get one cook book to help you with your CSA this is the one. It is fabulous. It describes each vegetable on its own in depth then has cooking suggestions and recipes for each.

CUTTING CELERY: This is an herb we have tried this year for the first time. It is not celery, but is in the same family as celery and tastes just like it. It looks just like parsley though. You can cut it up and add it to any dish for a celery flavor....might be good in that coleslaw you are going to make? OR, the potato salad you will make next week after getting your potatoes (it will hold in a bag in the hydrator drawer).

CABBAGE: The cookbook mentioned above has a fantastic recipe for buttermilk dressing coleslaw...I would highly recommend! Full shares have received a small head of green and red, and half share have received either a head of green or red. Both can be used the same way, either raw as a salad or lightly cooked with those yummy onions.

ONIONS!!! This is just the start of our lovely crop of onions this year. The white variety is called Candy and the red variety is called Candy Apple. Why? Because they are just so darn sweet. Very tasty, I am enjoying them raw in my cucumber salads every lunch. So, a little lesson on how onions grow. The green tops that are still attached to you onion bulb, are edible and taste like a scallion top. As the bulb forms, the top starts to die down, and when it has completely died down and is flopped over, it is time to harvest the onions and dry or cure them for storage. We like to harvest some 'fresh', while the greens are still alive, because it is so tasty to eat the greens! Put these onions in your refridgerator, in the bag, and they will store for a long time. After we pull them all up and dry them, they will resemble the ones you see in the grocery store with the papery outside skin. Those you can set on your counter. It will be a few weeks before we reach that point though. I assume you all know how to cook with onions? Olive oil, onions, sauttee and add anything else after that and YUM!

Farming Fun: Next Week:
Tomatoes! Potatoes! That is right, we are on the verge of tomato season and they look grrrrreat. All this rain is a little troublesome, as it is hard for the plant itself to fight off the diseases the wetness brings. Thus far the plants and fruit look just fine though, and we are starting to see the first bit of color. It will be slow at first, aone or two next week for you all. But soon enough, you will have enough tomatoes to eat a tomato sandwich every day if you want! June is the time of year when we are transitioning from cool season crops to warm season crops. This transition in the field means that we need to mow down the old crops, disc them in (work in the organic matter into the soil to break down) and then plant a summer cover crop (a legume or grass of some sort that will help prevent erosion while the field is not in cash crop and fix nitrogen or add organic matter). Good times.

Thanks all! Hope your week of eating is enjoyable :) I love to hear from you. Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $23.50
Cabbage - 2 small - 4.00
Baby Turnips - 1 bunch - 3.00
Cutting celery - 1 larger - 3.00
Cucumbers - 2 lbs. - 5.00
Lettuce - 2 heads - 5.00
Onions - three - 3.50
Half Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $14.00
Cabbage - 1 small - 2.00
Cutting Celery - 1 bunch - 2.00
Baby Turnips - 1 bunch - 3.00
Lettuce - 1 head - 2.00
Onions - two - 2.50
Cucumbers - 1 lb. - 2.50