News from the farm: May 13, 2009

What's going on at the farm?

May 13th, 2009 Week 2

Produce and Cooking Info:
KOHLRABI: What the heck is this you say?! Full shares have received it this week and half shares will get it next week. It is that purple alien looking vegetable in your box! We give it to members once a year, there are some who wish it were more, but for such an uncommon vegetable we go lightly. You want to peel the bulb and then eat that. You can cook it or eat it raw, treat it like a turnip. You can eat the leaves as though they are kale if you like. Good luck! Google it if you are still timid, there is actually a lot of info online about it.

SCALLIONS: Hope you all know to eat the whole thing, white and green! They are mild so eating them raw chopped on a salad is sooooooo yummy! You can lightly sautee them also.

GREENS: This is the time of year for yummy and healthy greens!! Grab your cast iron skillet and get your vitamins! :) The swiss chard and Boc choi can be eaten raw (salad with some dressing) or cooked (sautee lightly with some olive oil and garlic). I usually cook the kale, as I feel it brings out more of its natural sweetness. You can steam it and sautee it, simply flavoring only as the taste of it alone is so earthy and yummy. Salt, pepper, oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar?

RADISHES: We have some fun varieties this year of radishes, the colors are shapes make eating them even better. A couple suggestions: Cut the radish from the leaves, submerse them all in a jar of water and put in the fridge. Grab on the go for a snack, they are cold and crisp and store for a while this way. OR, you can cook them. Cut them up and throw them in with your greens for the start of a stir fry. You can pretend you are french and eat them raw with butter, biscuit and salt for breakfast :)

TURNIPS: These yummy white baby turnips are perfect for adding to your raw salad or stir fry. I like chopping them up into small chunks and throwing them on my salad. You can roast them also, treat them as though they are potatoes when thinking of ways to cook them. You can even mash them :) They are crisp and sweet. Don't forget to eat the greens too, if you really like greens, turnip greens are a true southern treat.

STRAWBERRIES: We have a good crop this year, they are red and yummy. ALSO, if you are looking for a local organic pick your own strawberry farm, I have a place for ya. Check out, they are in Cedar Grove!

NEXT WEEK: I am so excited for our beets and carrots this year! All this rain has been good to them. We should have enough beets ready for everyone for next week and maybe carrots, if not next it will definately be the following. We have grown the rainbow colored carrots again so look out for purple and yellow and of course orange! We grew a white one this year also and it is really tasty! We will have more strawberries, lettuce and scallions next week as well.

Farming Fun:
Wow, rain! We have had a lot for May it seems. It is good for some crops, bad for others. All in all I would rather we NOT have it than have a lot since I have a large pond I can irrigate from and give the crops that like a lot of water as much as they want. Then the ones that don't like a lot (like the strawberries!) don't have to get it. That is alright though, thngs always work themselves out. We are lookingn forward to things drying out a little as it has postponed some necessary weeding and planting! Things to come....there are tiny green fruit on the tomato plants already! Can't wait to eat these in late June/early July!

Thanks all! Hope your week of eating is enjoyable :) I love to hear from you. Elise.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $25
Strawberries - 2 pints - $6.00
Leaf Lettuce - 2 heads - $5.00
Scallions - 1 larger bunch - $3.50
Baby Turnips - 1 bunch - $3.00
Kohlrabi - 1 bunch - $2.50
Dill - 1 bunch - $2.00
Baby Swiss Chard - 1 bag - $3.00
Half Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $16
Strawberries - 1 pint - $3.00
Leaf Lettuce - 1 head - $2.50
French - Breakfast
Radishes - 1 bunch - $2.50
Baby Turnips - 1 bunch - $3.00
Baby Boc Choi - 1 bunch - $2.50
Scallions - 1 bunch - $2.50