News from the farm: August 6, 2008

What's going on at the farm?

Hello Folks! 8/6/2008 Week 15 of 20

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I wanted to let folks know that the best way to reach me by phone is by calling my cell phone, at 919-357-6793. If there is ever a problem with your delivery on Wed. you can reach me during the day on Wed. at this number. Overall the best way to contact me if it is not an emergency is through email, but if you do need to reach me right away, the best way to do so is through the number above. The home phone that I have as a number advertised on my website I share with my intern, who lives on the property, and with the two of us sharing voicemail, at times messages can get lost. This is why email is the best way to communicate with me, and if your box for some reason is not at the pick up site, my cell phone the best way to get in touch with me on Wed. so that I can try to get you a box while I am still in town. Thanks!!!!

What's Growin' On?
Another thing that I have been meaning to write to folks, actually applicable only to the Carrboro pick up members, is that I am aware that this year the market has been a LOT busier than last. For those of you who pick up during the first hour to hour and a half of market, I am sure you have experienced having a hard time finding a parking space, battling crowds of people, and having to wait to get your box or make a purchase from another vender. These characteristics of market, which used to be applicable only to the Saturday market, are a sign of the growing interest and demand for local food. It is a good thing, but can be stressfull for customers and farmes alike. I wanted to let those of you who didn't know already, know that the market this year has been consistently BUSY for the first hour to hour and a half and then pretty DEAD for the last hour to hour and a half. So, if you have a choice as to what time you can pick up, and would like to avoid the crowds, you should come at least after 4:30 or especially from 5-6:30 as you will be able to park easily and stroll up for a nice chat and get your box. Hope this helps!

As the season is heating up weather wise we here at the farm are endulging in taking a day off here or there to catch up on some r & r. We are allowed these luxuries this time of year primarily because here at the farm we don't grow fall crops. This limits the amount of actual work that needs to be down right now as we are not planting, weeding, nurturing....but rather harvesting and cleaning up. We should have the farm mostly 'put to bed' by the end of September and then can use October to catch up on some repair and construction projects that will make next year a whole lot easier. Into November and December which are nice and slow, down time, a little computer work here, alittle organizing and cleaning up there, but for the most part some time off and some time with friends and family and some time off. In January, believe it or not, the season starts back up again with planting in the greenhouse seeds to be transplanted outside in early march, getting the fields ready for seeding in mid Feb., etc. So, as we go through August we also come closer to the end of the CSA program for this year as we have five weeks of deliveries left for the season after this week. The last deliver is scheduled for September 10th.

What will you receive over the next five weeks? God willing we have a nice crop of green snap beans coming in a couple of weeks, followed by a nice crip of purple snap beans a couple weeks after that (last CSA week perhaps?) We have a nice looking crop of cucumbers coming on again, and should see them next week for at least three weeks if not the remaining five. We will have more bell peppers as they are doing wonderfully this year. We will hopefully have more eggplant although, like other farmers in the area, we are experiencing low flowering and fruiting all of a sudden for some strange reason although the plants look extrememly healthy. We have another planting of summer squash that should give us at least a couple more weeks of yummy squash and zucchini, as well as watermelon and cantaloupe, which, I will say is probably the most riskly bet right now. We have a ground hog that just took a single bit out of about 60% of the beautiful watermelon fruit we would have started harvesting in a week and a half or so. So, that planting is kind of useless to us at this point, we have another, but lets cross our fingers we can keep our neighborhood groundhog away this time. And, yes, more tomatoes. We are just now starting to harvest from our second planting of tomatoes, and while the planting is not as large as the first and you will thus receive less of them, you will still receive tomatoes until the end of the program this year and they will be yummy. Lastly, the reliable storage crops like onions and winter squash and potatoes. We still have lots more. You will see more. Yikes! Better get eating!

On a sad note this past Saturday I lost one of my dogs as he was hit by a car. Buster has been displayed on the farms webpage for anyone to see, he was my fist dog and a wonderful farm dog to have. He showed up on my farm as a stray at the start of my first year farming, seven and a half years ago. He has been with me ever since, helped me through the hard times, the hot times, and the good times. He loved to follow the truck out to the field and spend the day with us as we harvested and worked, on the sidelines sleeping in the shade. We will miss him but know this is the natural way of things and feel blessed for the time I had with him.

That is all for now. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.
Have a good week folks!

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $31
Tomatoes 5 lbs. $15
Colored Bell Peppers 2 lbs. $8
Butternut Squash 2-3 lbs. $5
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes next week  
Onions 2 large $3
Half Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $19
Tomatoes 3 lb. $9
Colored Bell Peppers 1 lb. $4
Butternut Squash 1-2 lbs. $3
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes 1 pint $3
Onions next week