News from the farm: July 30, 2008

What's going on at the farm?

7/30/2008 Week 14 of 20

Hello Members! I hope you have had a nice week. We have had a nice one here at the farm. A lot of our bell peppers decided to turn at the same time this week, so you have received a hefty portion. I would recommend roasting them in the oven, peeling skin, then cutting them into smaller peices and puting in the refrigerator. At that point you can use them all week to add to what ever dishes you wish to make for flavor and color. The tomatoes are not as pretty as they have been, we are coming to the end of our first planting and the beginning of our second planting is a week or two away. So, we may have a gap in tomatoes for next week, hard to tell at this point. We will have more sungolds, but they too are down a bit in numbers for this week and next. Enjoy the potatoes, more where that came from. We have plenty of onions and winter squash to enjoy as well. That is it for now, please email me if you have any questions.

What's in the box?

Full Box
Crop Amount Price
Total $31
Red and Yellow Bell Peppers plus
2 lbs. $8
Rose Gold Potatoes 3 lbs. $6
Acorn Winter Squash 2-3 lbs. $5
Tomatoes 3 lbs. $9
Onions next week  
Sungolds 1 pint $3
Half Box
Crop Amount Price
Sungolds next week  
Total $18.50
Red and Yellow Bell Peppers plus
1 lb. $4
Rose Gold Potatoes 2 lb. $4
Acorn Winter Squash 1-2 lbs. $3
next week 2 lb. $6
Onions 1 lg $1.50