News from the farm: May 28, 2008

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5/28/2008 Week 5 of 20

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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice week and enjoyed all the vegetables we sent to you. Perhaps you made a nice cauleslaw for a Memorial Day cookout? If not, you really should this week. With carrots, onions and cabbage in your shares, the only thing else you would need would be some seasoning (vinegar? Mayonnaise?). We decided to work on Memorial day, as it has been taking the three of us (Myself, Beth and Rachel)two work days to harvest, wash and package your shares. It is taking this long mainly because it is strawberry season, and strawberries take a loooooong time to pick....although you can eat them as you go so it really isn't all that bad. We have a walk in cooler here at the farm to store the veggies in since some of them are harvested early. We have been saving the strawberry picking for Tuesday afternoons so that they will be as fresh as possible for you on Wed. Strawberries don't hold long, and I don't like to put them in the walk in cooler. I don't like to cool them below 50 degrees because it affects the flavor of the berries, much like tomatoes. So, you can put your strawberries in the fridge to last a couple of days longer, but really, for best taste for both strawberries and tomatoes, you should leave them on the counter.

We decided to give you a break from lettuce this week but you will receive more next week. You will also receive more carrots (rainbow colored-purple, yellow and orange carrots- and straight color bunches) and beets. Next week we will have cauliflower, summer squash and parsley for the first time. We have a couple weeks of broccoli left, chard will be around soon, and a couple more weeks of cabbage.

We have a nice planting of green beans in the ground that has just started flowering, that means we will have this yummy summer crop in just two to three weeks. The cucumbers are looking nice, as are the cantaloupe plants. We should see cucumbers in a couple of weeks. The big question is though, when will we have tomatoes????? We will be seeing those yummy and juicy fruits in about a months time. I can hardly wait.

I hope you all have a nice week, and enjoy your veggies. Please let me know if you have any comments, questions or feedback, I may not get back to you right away (especially now since my modem is broken and I am dependent on the computer for a few days), but I will get back to you. Thanks! Elise.