News from the farm: May 21, 2008

What's going on at the farm?

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CSA Newsletter 5/21/2008 Week 4 of 20

What's Growin' on?
I hope you all had a nice week. The rain here has been most welcome and timely. In fact the rain has been so timely this season that we have only had to actually irrigate twice so far, which is unheard of for me since I have been farming. Yesturday as we were washing and bagging your produce under the shed it started hailing, that was kind of cool. Luckily it was small enough that we didn't have any damage to the crops. We have been enjoying the cooler weather as well....kind of actually feels like spring. It is really enjoyable to be working outside in it.

We have some nice new veggies this week as well as some that we have been receiving regularly. As for the Lettuce, we have just one to two more weeks of head lettuce, then possibly some lettuce mix after that, then we will have to say goodbye to it for the summer. Lettuce and most greens don't grow well here in the summer because of the heat. Once the temperatures start getting above 85 it can be hard to keep lettuce from turning bitter tasting. So, enjoy your salads while they last, then once the summer hits you can make cucumber tomato salads instead of lettuce salads. The Strawberries will most likely last two more weeks also. The are similar to the lettuce in the sense that the heat slows them down and soon they will not be able to produce fruit anymore. I feel like it has been a nice year for them. I always find it interesting how sensative they are to the weather conditions, so much more so than other crops. I feel the taste of the berries has and can fluctuate weekly weather we have had cloudy weather or sunny weather. They taste lovely this week.

You have received Cabbage! And Broccoli! Guess what, next week you will receive my world famous carrots. I love to grow carrots and they are loving the rain this year. I will have purple, yellow and ornage carrots again this year, for fun and flavor. So, the cabbage has done wonderfully, again loving the rainy cool weather. It is big! You can do it though, you can eat it all. Try some can make a creamy mayonnaise based slaw or a vinegar slaw. A friend of mine uses buttermilk on her slaw. Interesting. You can also saute the cabbage with some onions and garlic.

Next week we will have more turnips, as I mentioned carrots, more spinach, lettuce, swiss chard for half shares, strawberries, probably more onions, and perhaps summer squash...yes, it is early this year. Lots of good stuff. Again, please let me know if you have any questions thoughts or concerns. I love to hear from you all. I love your feedback.
Have a great week. Elise.