News from the farm: May 7, 2008

What's going on at the farm?

Hello Members! Week 2 of 20

I hope everyone had a nice week. I feel like there is so much to tell and explain, but I can only do so much in this one newsletter. You will learn much as the season goes on. As you can see it is Strawberry season, and will be into the first week or June or so at which point it becomes to hot here for the plants to survive and keep producing berries. There are many local pick your own patches around the area, but there is only one organic pick your own in the general area, that is Volmer Farms in Bunn, NC. They also sell their berries at Weaver St. market.

Kale-I know this is the second week in a row you have received kale, but savor it as we will have so many other great greens to give for the next two weeks we probably won't see it in the shares again for three weeks. I grew a couple different kinds this year, the Red Russian was given to the half shares last week and the full this, and the winterbor was given to the full last week and the half this. Let me know if you can taste a difference, folks always ask me at market if there is one, but I have a hard time describing it. Here is a great and easy suggestion for how to prepare kale. So you know how Ceviche is raw fish with lemon juice on it and the lemon juice 'cooks' the fish? Well, you can do the same thing with Kale, and it is fabulious. Cut up the kale, squeeze fresh lemon juice on it and let it sit in the fridge over night. It wilts it just enough to make it chewy but still crisp, and adds a great lemon flavor. Add some green garlic for fun, as a nice cold salad.

Asparagus- Wondering why we are rationing asparagus? Asparagus is a perennial, which means you put it in the ground and it comes back again year after year. I have a quarter acre planted in asparagus. During asparagus season we harvest every day. The season lasts for about five to six weeks in the early spring. The problem with asparagus is that it is very low yeilding in general per amount of space it uses compared to most other crops. For example, a 50 foot bed of turnips (50ft x 4ft = 200 square feet) is enough for the entire CSA for about two deliveries and extra for market. A quarter acre of asparagus (around 10,000 square feet) only yeilded us 40 bunches (3/4 lb. bunches) this whole entire past seven days. So, the fulls shares got asparagus last year, half of the half shares received asparagus this week and the other half will receive it next week so that we can make sure that everybody receives it once this spring.

Kohlrabi-What is it? Okay, a few of the weirder veggies this week. This is the only week you will get Kohlrabi so go all out. Try peeling the bulb, grating it and sauteeing with green garlic and olive oil. The bulb is the main part to eat, but you can eat the leaves like kale, but not as popular.

Next Week:
We will have BEETS and BROCOLLI!!!! Yeah. Cabbage is going to be ready soon also. We will have more spinach, turnips, and of course, strawberries. So. If you have any questions on your veggies, please email me and ask at any time. I am here as a resource. Thanks. Elise.