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Wednesday June 19th, 2002
Week 8

What's New This Week!!!

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Recipes and Cooking Tips.

This week members have received summer squash in a variety of sizes and colors. The light green zucchini like squash is a Middle Eastern variety called Magda. The squash with the yellow top and green bottom is called Zephyr. Aside from these two varieties, the remaining squash are in four colors and all patty pan varieties. The patty pan squash come in yellow, green, light green and tan. All squash are best picked and eaten when they are at there smallest and most tender. The small patty pan squash are fun to steam whole and serve as a decorative side dish. There will be a lot more squash to come through out the season, in addition to this first planting coming on now, there are two others already in good stride plus another to go in the ground on Monday.

Sauteed Summer Squash:
    summer squash
Wash and dry the squash. Trim the ends. Grate on the largest holes of a grater. Heat the butter in a saute pan and cook the squash for 3-5 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

The potatoes once again are Corola, Rosa Gold, and Caribe. The yellow, red and purple skin colors are fun to play around with while cooking. No matter if it is mashed potatoes or potato salad, keep the skins on, they are yummy and good for you! Add some of the garlic and basil for super yummy mashed.

What's growin' on?

Well, unfortunately we are still in the midst of a draught. We have not had rain in Cedar Grove for a good.....well I am not sure but it has felt like months. Anyhow, as I have said in previous newsletters, as long as my pump stays pumping there should be no problems here.

The good news this week is that the blueberries have indeed come on in full steam! The early variety really started to show its colors last Thursday and have remained prolific since. This variety usually last a couple of weeks and is soon replaced by the mid-later season variety that will last the summer through. So, although you have received pints in your share this week, you are also now officially invited to come to the farm and pick your own. As I hope you all know that, included in your share, is the option to come and pick as many berries as you want all season long. Bring the family and enjoy! Here are directions to the blueberry patch: Please note that the blueberry patch is located two miles down the road from the actual farm, since at this point the farm is only leasing the berries. So, if you can get yourself to Hillsborough, you want to head North on 86. From the intersection of Hwy 70 and 86 in Hillsborough you want to drive about 10 north until you reach a blinking yellow light in Cedar Grove. Continue straight on 86 about 1.4 miles until you reach the Wizards Cauldron. Turn right into the Wizards driveway and continue about a quarter of a mile behind the building and house. You can't miss the berries at this point, as they stand tall in rows to the right and let side of the driveway. This pertains to the whole season, stay to the right of the driveway only!!! The early variety is in the last four rows on the right side of the driveway (last four closest to the woods, but furthest from the driveway). Bring a bucket and watch out for poison ivy and ticks. Enjoy!

The beans are just starting to come on, and have been included in half share member bags this week. I am confident that next week there will be sufficient amount to go in all share member bags! The varieties grown this year are called Tongue of Fire, Jade green and yellow. Tongue of Fire is a fun green and red bean. I have tried a couple of other varieties in later plantings like a purple bean so hopefully we can enjoy that soon enough also.

The Flower Report!

Sorry flower people but once again this week there will be no flowers. The good news is that you can count on them coming in next week's shares so you have something to look forward to! The farm has just mailed out its fall seed orders as mentioned last week. I am excited to try a lot of new varieties for next year like Rudbeckia 'Golden Sunset', 'Rustic Colors', 'Indian Summer', and 'Triloba'. Although Rudbeckia is a perennial, it yields and grows best as an annual in our climate. The seeds need to be ordered now to be seeded in trays in about two weeks. The plants will be transplanted in the field in September for harvest next spring and summer.

The first and only gladiola bloomed this week, an early bloomer. The others should follow suit and in addition to these beauties you can expect some happy sunflowers next week.

Please send any and all feedback to effarm@earthlink.net or 732-8980.

Thanks and have a good week!

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